3 Great Ways to Display Military Challenge Coins

One of the most rewarding hobbies for anyone who loves collecting is obtaining military coins. Whether they are yours, a relative’s, or if you bought them at auction, you want to showcase them so that everyone who visits your home can get a chance to see them. If you are not sure how to display these military challenge coins, we have three great ways that you can show them off in classy and innovative ways.

Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are a great way to display military challenge coins. There are different styles of shadow boxes you can select, from simple ones with sleek, modern lines, to more ornate ones that can be carved or decorated in many different ways. Some people choose to have a black velvet background on which the coins can really shine because it offers the right contrast. The great thing about shadow boxes is that you can showcase them by hanging them on a wall or by placing them on a stand or on another piece of furniture. This gives you lots of options.

Display Cases

There are display cases created specifically for coins of all sorts. You can find them in coin collecting sites. They come in all price ranges and sizes, allowing you to choose the best option for your needs. Display cases not only serve to show off your collection, but they also ensure that the military challenge coins are kept safe and undamaged. No matter what kind of decor style you have in your home, you are sure to find a display case that will fit right in.

Coin Steps

Another great way to display military challenge coins is to turn to “coin steps”. These are small pyramids with steps where you can place your coins. This way of displaying coins is useful because it allows you to show off all the ones you have without crowding them. You can stagger them on the steps and make them easily visible. For those of you with a large military challenge coin collection, there are coin steps that can hold up to one hundred coins, while others hold fifty or less. With these coin steps you can be sure that your collection will be safe and will look its best at all times.

Having a military challenge coin collection can be very rewarding. You will own small pieces of history, which is why displaying them well is so important. Any of the above options can be effective in showing off the coins while still keeping them safe from damage and corrosion. Whether you choose a shadow box, a display case, or a coin step, you will get lots of satisfaction seeing your collection out each day.


Evan Shaner