3 Tips When Considering What Type Of Fishing Net To Buy

Fishing continues to be a popular activity. Not only is it a relaxing recreation for many but it also helps the extended health of river and ocean fisheries. During this activity, many anglers rely on fishing nets to land their catches. If you are someone interested in partaking in this recreational activity, here are three tips to consider when purchasing a new fishing net.

Know what net you need
There are three types of fishing nets. Only one of them, a landing net, is used for holding the fish once caught. These come in a variety of sizes to fit all experiences. Small ones are used for fly-fishing while large ones are utilized in big-game fishing.

The other two are used to retrieve the necessary bait for your fishing excursion. Baitwell nets are used to catch bait in a livewell or holding tank. Meanwhile, a casting net is used to trap your own live bait.

Know the best net material
Like the nets themselves, the material used in their construction varies. The most common are rubber, coated nylon and non-coated nylon. The first two are smooth and friendly to fish while non-coated nylon can scrape fish scales and remove their protective slime.

Another reason to purchase coated nets is their sturdiness. It gives the material a rigidity that prevents the material from knotting up. In addition, it shields hooks from breaking the mesh when a fish thrashes about.

A final note on material: purchase a net made with black mesh. The color minimizes the fish’s fear as you prepare to nab them.

Know what length the net handle should be
While the net’s material is important it doesn’t do much for an angler if they can’t land a fish due to an improper handle length. Therefore, before choosing a fishing net, you need to decide how you’ll use it. Once this is known you can select a product with the right handle size.

Short handles have the advantage of being compact and easy to store. However, it also means you need to get close to fish to land it. On the other hand, long-handled nets help grab fish in big waters. Yet, they aren’t as compact.

Recent advancements in net technology have resulted in the development of telescoping handles. The advantage to this is you can use the net for close landings or big water catches. While it may cost more, the return of investment is greater because you don’t need to purchase another net.

As you can see, there is a science to purchasing a fishing net. If you are still unsure about what to buy consider speaking to an angler to get their suggestions.

Evan Shaner