3 Unique Uses for Challenge Coins

Challenge coins originated in the military, but they have spread to a variety of other organizations over time. The number of ways that people use them has also grown since they started to become more popular in other parts of society. While the classic uses are still excellent, there are also a few unique ways that anyone can take advantage of challenge coins for their own events.


Challenge coins are a natural choice for people who need to hand out prizes for games and competitions. They work better than trophies for events that involve large teams, since they allow every person on the team to take something home without being prohibitively expensive.

Clubs, schools, and other groups that have regular competitions can easily make small changes to the design to make each event’s prize unique while still keeping to a theme for all of them. The coins can even turn into collectible items if the same design gets reused. For example, a club might design a different coin for each season, and competitors could strive to collect each season’s coin over the course of several years. The sky is the limit when it comes to the designs on the coins, so it is trivial to make a large set for everyone to try to collect.

Their low cost also helps to make them appropriate for groups that host frequent events. The competitors also benefit, since they can accumulate a large collection of prizes without needing to find too much storage space for them.

Treasure Hunts

Treasure hunts¬†are a popular activity, especially for children, but it can be tricky to find an appropriate treasure for them to seek out. Challenge coins are a decent choice. They can bear a decent resemblance to real money, but they are much more affordable to hide in large quantities. Since they can’t be used as currency, the participants will be able to keep them as mementos of the occasion rather than being tempted to spend them. These factors make them an ideal choice for people who want to include a treasure hunt as part of a child’s birthday party or as part of another event.

Gaming Tokens

Challenge coins can also add a classy touch to game night. Many games, such as poker, require some sort of token for keeping score. Many other games have small components that can be replaced with challenge coins to make them look more appealing to the players. Depending on the game, the challenge coins can also serve as a prize for the winner, or they can simply go back in the box to be used next time after the game is over.

Evan Shaner