4 Benefits of Using Portable Storage Boxes to Declutter

When you’re ready to lose the clutter, hiring a portable storage box will commit you to the process. Instead of wandering through the house and despairing of all the stuff, you can walk through your home and act. With a portable storage box and a hauling service, you have some urgency to push you to get moving, and it’s parked right outside your front door.

1) You Have a Deadline

When the box rental agency drops off the container, you will have to give them a pickup time. Now, you have a deadline. The box needs to be loaded by the time they pick it up, so you must get moving. Make sure that you review the client’s requirements; some services will bring boxes back to you when you request it, so catalog your belongings carefully for most efficient returns.

2) You Have Limited Space

Unlimited storage space is never a good idea; you will quickly end up with an unmanageable mess. Many storage providers will sell you boxes ideally suited to their storage units. Before you pack, you will need to handle your belongings and decide: Keep, donate, sell or toss? If you’re going to pay for someone to store your possessions by the container, you really need to be sure you’ll use it again in the future.

3) You Will Know the Last Time You Touched It

Keepsakes are different from stuff. The beautiful side table that your great grandmother brought from Ireland is a keepsake that you will likely want to keep in your home, unless you have to store it. The set of dishes you got at a yard sale while you were in college because you were sick of paper plates is stuff. If you’ve got a portable storage box that you’ve catalogued on a website, you can review how often you call the box back. If you haven’t touched it after a year, you have information on the contents and can gift it forward.

4) You Can Practice Minimalism

Recent lifestyle trends make it sound as though minimalism is the only way to live. Rather, it’s another option. If you are getting ready to move, want to downsize, or just want to live with less, you can arrange your home in a minimalist fashion for a time and see if you like it. If you don’t, you’ll still have access to your stuff. If you love minimalism, your stuff will be well arranged for sale or donation.

Many of us have spent a lot of time in our homes. This has given us the urge to rearrange, to improve and to declutter. Once you’ve gotten rid of the things that no longer serve you, there will likely be things you’re not sure about. If you’re ready to get them out of the house and take your new lifestyle for a test drive, a portable storage box can simplify things.

Evan Shaner