4 Crucial Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Surgery

Whether you are having surgery for the first time or have had multiple, it can be a very nerve-wracking time. It is important before any surgical procedure to make a list of questions for your surgeon to help set your mind at ease. We will be taking a look at 4 important questions to ask your doctor before having surgery.


  1. What Are Your Credentials:


When selecting a surgeon to do a procedure, it is important to learn their credentials to ensure they are the best to do the job. Ask how many times they have performed the specific surgery you need or want, and their track record.  If they don’t have proper credentials or have not performed the surgery often, you may want to consider a different doctor.


  1. How Can I Best Prepare for the Surgery:


When setting up your surgical appointment, it is imperative that you gather any details on how you must prepare. This could include pre-op blood work, stopping food and water at a certain time, or hygiene instructions. It is important to follow the instructions that you are given to the letter for a safer surgery.



  1. How Will the Procedure be Performed:


Before surgery, you may want to have your doctor explain your upcoming procedure in great detail, as this can help set your mind at ease. Ask about any risks that are possible when under anesthesia or what can happen if something goes wrong during surgery. Typically when checking in the day of surgery, you will be required to sign a waiver stating you understand all risks of the procedure and anesthesia. Most surgeons will ask before they put you under if you have any last minute questions.


  1. What is the Estimated Recovery Time and Instructions for After:


Make sure that you request a list of after care instructions from your surgeon. Find out if you will be on any medication after the procedure, how soon you can drive again, any activity restrictions, and if someone needs to stay with you for a while. You also may want to inquire about how long it will take to recover from surgery. A lot of people think that they will be back to ‘normal’ again sooner than they really will be. So, it is good to know the doctor’s opinion before your have the surgery so you won’t have any unrealistic expectations.

One more thing you may want to research before your surgery is financial obligation. Call your insurance company to double check your coverage and to ensure you know how much you will be responsible for financially.  Surgery can make people nervous, but it doesn’t have to – as long as you gather enough information and ask your doctor enough questions. Being prepared is key.

Evan Shaner