4 Tips for Organizing Your Garage

Homeowners who can’t look at or even think of their garage without despair should take heart. There are actually ways to organize the garage in ways that are not only efficient but make the space attractive. The hardest part is to throw out or donate stuff that is no longer wanted nor needed and put needed and wanted objects in the places where they really do belong. After that, here are four tips for organizing the garage:

1. Use Pegboard
One thing that a garage has is lots of wall space, especially if the garage is window-less. The best way to take advantage of this space is to put up pegboard, which can be found in any hardware or big box store. All it needs is to be fastened to wall studs and fitted with hooks. This way, just about every hangable item can be hung, including brooms, dustpans, shelves to hold toolkits, painting supplies or other needful things. Use ladder hooks for lawn chairs, garden hoses, bicycles and other large items.

2. Take Advantage of Unfinished Walls
Many garages have unfinished walls, which means the studs are visible and the spaces between them can be used as storage. Simply tuck the item into the space, or install ladder hooks and hang them. Ladder hooks are heavy duty hooks sheathed in rubber. If what needs to be stored is very long, such as planting stakes for the vegetable garden, they can be secured by placing hooks on the two studs on either side of the storage space and running a bungee cord between them.

3. Rolling Carts
Rolling carts are very convenient, especially if it is a two car garage that houses only one car. If pegboard is installed on the sides, the most necessary and frequently used tools such as power drills, hammers, pliers and screwdrivers can be stowed there. Other tools, such as small levels, drill bits, nails, screws and other fasteners can be stored in the drawers. The casters, or wheels allow the cart to be easily taken outside for work on outdoor projects.

4. Use the Ceiling
If roll-up garage doors leave enough room, part of the ceiling can also be used for storage. Some homeowners rig up a system to store the family bicycles near the ceiling. Others screw 2 x 2s and 1 x 4s to the ceiling to create tracks on  which to hang plastic bins  with closures that snap securely shut. The homeowner should affix labels to the bottoms of the bins to let them know what they contain. Make other types of ceiling storage by using PVC pipes and their fittings. Add hooks to a ceiling beam to hang lightweight items such as baskets and buckets.

Evan Shaner