4 Ways to Use 3D Products as Marketing Mail out

Because 3-D products are trendy, stylish, and unique, many businesses use different 3-D options to boost sales strategically during major marketing situations. If you want to gain an edge over the competition by using 3-D designs, you should use practical options based on your business theme while relying on four 3-D marketing techniques.

Pop-Up Solutions

Pop-up cards that highlight different elements of a business can make an impact during marketing projects. For example, if you run a restaurant business, you can design pop-up pieces that include the layout in the dining area. This kind of pop-up marketing piece benefits potential customers because they can pick a spot to reserve a seat by studying the 3-D layout. Besides restaurants layouts, pop-up designs can also promote general retail products and hotel service options.

3-D Options for Magazines 

In order to attract customers with 3-D advertisements, you’ll need to structure a deal with a company that places marketing materials in a 3-D magazine. When picking designs for a 3-D advertisement, you must consider the consumer’s needs and the design’s impact. If you’re trying to market a consumer product in a 3-D magazine, you’ll need to snap a photo of someone using the item in a dramatic away. The most effective 3-D advertisements have bold elements that pop off a page, and this 3-D design tactic could boost sales by increasing brand awareness.

3-D Brochures

Brochures with 3-D effects can produce professional results if the images are used strategically. When designing this kind of brochure, you must take the consumer on a journey. This means that the 3-D effects must blend well with the descriptions that are printed throughout the brochure. Since brand awareness is very important when designing a 3-D brochure, you must include large logos that have dramatic 3-D elements.


By running contests, you could generate cash and buzz while boosting brand awareness. The process of setting up a contest isn’t tough, as you’ll only need traditional printing equipment for the contest marketing materials and a 3-D printer with hardware that can print the 3-D prize.

The big benefit is that you can charge a reasonable price for a ticket in order to generate a lot of buzz in your community. In order to boost ticket sales, you’ll need to give everyone a variety of prize options. By offering multiple prizes options for kids and different items for grown-ups, you’ll get many ticket sales. The process of providing the prize will be easy because you can make the item by using the 3-D printer.

Evan Shaner