5 Advantages of Having a Central Vacuum System

The vacuum you use when cleaning makes a difference in many ways in your home. A good vacuum can remove particulates from the air and keep your house looking spotless. There is an alternative to traditional upright vacuums. They are called central vacuums. Here are five advantages of having a central vacuum system in your home.

Better Indoor Air Quality

One of the main advantages of having a central vacuum system is better indoor air quality. Conventional upright vacuums actually throw dirt and debris back into the air of the room. You are never fully removing the dirt. Poor indoor air quality can cause health problems like irritation, headaches and respiratory disease over time. The dust will just settle back on surfaces again. A central vacuum system will draw all of the dirt into an isolated area or outside of the home. This will make the air inside cleaner every time you use it.

More Power

The dirt in your home and in your air is made of many things. You could have a home full of mold spores, animal dander and particulates that can all make living there awful. Average vacuums do not often have the power to remove all those contaminants and dirt. A central vacuum has a much more powerful motor than what can be found in an upright unit. This extra power allows you to really vacuum away as many of the contaminants on surfaces, in carpets and in the air as possible.

Quieter Home When Vacuuming

Upright vacuums are designed to be self-contained. This means the motor is going to be running constantly wherever you use the vacuum. The problem is that vacuum motors are usually very loud, grating and disruptive. You have to carefully choose when to vacuum or everyone has to brace when you use the unit. All of the parts of a central vacuum system that make noise are located outside the house or in an isolated room. This means that you can vacuum your home whenever you want without disrupting anyone.

Better Reach

Something about large upright vacuums is that you are limited in where you can clean. If the bottom of the vacuum does not fit in an area, then you cannot clean it with that unit. One of the nice things about a central vacuum system is that you get much better reach. The system uses a long tube with interchangeable attachments on the end. Some of the tubes are 30 feet or longer. This allows you to get into corners, under furniture and between cushions without changing vacuums.

Easier To Use

The final benefit of a central vacuum system is that it is easy to use. There are no complicated pedals, dials and switches like you find on an upright vacuum. You do not have to lug around a heavy vacuum and push it around every room in the house. You can control the system from a simple panel. All you have to carry around is a lightweight tube with an attachment on the end. This will make it much easier for you to clean the home without becoming tired or fatigued.

Evan Shaner