5 Advantages of Using an Antenna Alignment Sensor

So many things have changed with the growth of wireless technology and phone technologies. It truly is amazing. And we have some pretty cool new tools that allow telecommunications professionals to complete all of their antenna installation projects quickly. One such tool is the antenna alignment sensor. Up until now, most contractors have been aligning antennas according to coordinates or by visual sensitivity. Nowadays though, antennas need to be properly mounted and lined up, otherwise digital devices won’t work efficiently. Listed below are 5 key advantages of Using an Antenna Alignment Sensor.
1.Easy to Understand
Modern antennas require an extremely precise installation. Mathematical factors like angles and distances are needed. However when you use a special antenna alignment sensor, the tool makes all of the calculations for you, displaying the calculations in a user-friendly interface. All information such as latitude, longitude, height, tilt, times and dates are displayed. You can easily use all of this information to reference as you install the antenna. It makes for better accuracy and efficiency. Ultimately, less time wasted means more installations and more money in your pocket.
2. Flexibility
Antenna alignment sensors give you more flexibility. Because they are so accurate and do all of the calculations using IoT, you no longer need to climb up into dangerous places or get into those tiny nooks to measure. Antenna alignment sensors can even work in hard-to-reach areas. This makes the antenna installation process much safer for all employees.
High Accountability
Another great advantage is that these sensors are also able to generate information and save it, making it possible for contractors to use different alignments. This information helps the contractor when there are doubts or questions regarding the installation.
4. Improved Safety
Another benefit to the antenna alignment sensor is that teams can analyze data before they go to the installation site. This means safer installation procedures and less of hit or miss situation.
5. Faster Results
Having an antenna alignment sensor means faster installations. The employee knows exactly where to put the brackets and perform the installation.
The Future
By offering error-free installations, antenna alignment sensors offer an invaluable service. This makes the antenna installation process safer and more precise, which is exactly what we want for the future – safe, reliable and fast antenna installation processes. This is just one of the small tools that makes our lives and our businesses easier to manage.

Evan Shaner