5 Crucial Printing Mistakes Not to Make in 2016

Despite the prevalence of digital marketing tools, a place yet remains for good old fashioned print marketing. Your website can’t always go everywhere you go, and no matter how compelling your brand looks online, it still feels embarrassing to be unable to produce a business card when asked.

Having said that, however, printing mistakes are also alive and well, and can do your brand more harm than good. Ideally, you want high quality, professional grade print materials you can share with pride at conferences, meetings, networking events and sales calls. In this post, learn about five critical printing mistakes you want to avoid in 2016!

Mistake #1: Not checking the print proof before approving the order.
When you don’t scrutinize the print proof before sending your order to print, you risk missing typos, illegible print, color bleeds, wrong colors (often a printer function) and other marketing killers. This is probably the cause of more wasted marketing dollars than any other print mistake.

When you order, be sure your order comes with a print proof. If the company doesn’t offer proof services, steer clear.

Mistake #2: Choosing a non-readable text font.
This may mean the text font is too fancy, too childish looking or simply too small to be read without a magnifying glass. Choosing a non-readable font is an especially easy mistake to make with small print jobs, such as business cards.

Unfortunately, if people can’t read your text or they have to struggle, they probably won’t make the effort and the funds you spent on materials will be wasted.

Mistake #3: Using low resolution files to print from.
With today’s wealth of do-it-yourself online print resources, you can definitely save serious cash on certain types of print work.

But you can also waste serious cash if you don’t have enough knowledge to avoid certain mistakes, such as sending in a low resolution file (anything less than 300 dpi) that will print poorly and look unprofessional.

Mistake #4: Going cheap.
Yes, there is something to be said for saving money by opting for the lowest bidder. But sometimes going cheap on the front end can prove costly on the back end.

You may just find that the materials are not up to your quality standards when your order arrives and your materials stand up poorly next to your competitors.

Mistake #5: Forgetting about how important lighting can be with images.
If you plan to include photos, product images or other light-sensitive graphics in your print marketing, be sure the photo files are optimized to reproduce well at any size. This often means spending a bit more on the front end to optimize for lighting, which may require hiring a professional photographer or editor or investing in higher quality photography lenses and lights.

The end results of failing to factor in lighting can be images that are too light or dark to display effectively to promote your business.

Evan Shaner