5 Easy Home Design Layouts to Consider

Are you considering a home redesign or are you in the market for buying a new home? Where to start can be a daunting task, but maybe consider first figuring out what type of home design layout would work the best for you and your family.
For example, are you moving into your retirement home and want one-floor living? Or do you have 3 kids and you just want their mess upstairs? In general, what appeals to you? Knowing what home design layout works for and appeals to you can help narrow your search.
So what styles are available to you? This article is here to help.

1. Craftsman Style: This style really seems to be gaining momentum. If you like the look of exposed rafters and mixed materials, such and stone and wood, then the Craftsman style may be right up your alley. This style is more of an arts and crafts style that tends to link back to the early 20th century, according to the Huffington Post.

2. Ranch Style. Depending on where you are from, this may be a more traditional style that dates back to your childhood. But if you are looking for that one-level living, be sure not to rule out this oldie but goodie.

3. Modern Style. Do you like sharp lines and high quality materials? Then you may want to consider the modern style.

4. Colonial Style. Also, don’t forget the colonial style as that has much to offer. According to Wikipedia, the colonial encompasses six different sub-categories.

5. Tiny House. Who can forget the tiny house? It is exactly what it sounds like, a tiny home. This has become a big movement here lately with television shows even being dedicated to this style of housing. It seems to be an extension of the minimalist mindset. Many of these homes tend to be 500 square feet or smaller. It does provide for a less expensive home if you are willing to sacrifice size.

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list of the styles of homes out there, but hopefully this will wet your appetite and give you something to chew on to start considering what homestyle is right for you and your lifestyle.

Evan Shaner