5 Fundraising Mistakes to Avoid

Organizing a fundraiser is a fun challenge. It can help motivate you to know that people are dependent on your success. To help make your event successful, here are 5 fundraising mistakes to avoid.

1. Not Demonstrating the Value of Contributions
People want to know where their money is going. You should be transparent and tell the donors what past donations have been spent on.Do your homework, and double check it several times. You want to make sure that everything you say about the charity is accurate.

2. Not getting to know the donors and developing relationships with them
Fundraisers are all about the people you know. If you know people with a lot of money and develop relationships with them, they are more likely to donate. Get to know everyone on your guest list. A great host will have a talking point with each person. You should also know how to pronounce their names properly. However, it goes past this. You need to develop a relationship with these people. It has to continue well past the charity season, too. You don’t want people to think you are only friends with them for contributions. The best solution is to create sincere friendships. After the event, reach out to everyone who donated with a personal thank you.

3. Don’t make your event too flashy
Everyone likes a good party. People expect something elegant and chic. However, for a charity party, people expect the organizes to spend responsibly. While you don’t necessarily need to stick to a small budget, you don’t want to be too flashy. It can make people think that their money is more likely to go to a fancy party instead of the actual cause.

4. Not accepting goods and services
Some people like to kill two birds with one stone. They may want to contribute to the cause but at a discounted rate for them. So they may offer up products or services from their business. These can be extremely useful! You can even have an auction throughout the night for people to bet on the items.

5. Lack of planning
Organizing a successful fundraiser event requires a lot of time and effort. If you aren’t able to give the event the attention it deserves, people will be able to tell. It also might not be as successful as you’d think.
You need to start early. The first step is to come up with a concept. Then, you need to select a venue so you can book a date. Once you have a date, you can start making and distributing literature in person and online.
You need to keep up on activities and food and music early and work hard to market the event.

If you go out of your way to avoid these big mistakes, your event should flourish. You will even help people along the way.

Evan Shaner