5 Reasons to Have a Private Air Travel Membership

When most people consider travel memberships, the only think about commercial airlines. Private air travel isn’t something typically considered by the average traveler. Even those who can afford more luxurious travel accommodation may think that private jets are only for celebrities or business moguls. In reality, there are several private air travel companies that offer memberships to average travelers. This form of travel has a significant number of advantages over commercial air travel. You don’t have to own a private jet to access these great benefits. Here are five reasons to have a private air travel membership.

1. Flexibility 

Flexibility is one of the greatest advantages of having a private air travel membership. When traveling on commercial airlines, you are subject to their schedule. This means that flight times are fixed, delays are imminent and connections are only available on certain days. You can avoid all of these issues when flying on a private aircraft. There are also no need for layovers unlike with commercial flights. You can fly directly to your destination without any hassle.

2. Convenience 

Traveling on commercial airlines is nothing short of a hassle. From waiting in lines to check your luggage to going through meticulous security, the list of inconveniences is endless. The sheer size and scale of commercial airlines makes it difficult for these companies to achieve efficiency. Furthermore, you have to share the same space with thousands of other travelers. Private air travel memberships allow you to avoid all of this hassle by traveling with fewer passengers, avoiding security limitations, not paying extra for luggage and more. Private jets can even fly to a greater number of airports than commercial flights, getting you closer to your final destination.

3. Saving Time 

When traveling for business or even pleasure, time is usually of the essence. Everybody wants to find ways to save more time on traveling. Any delay is time subtracted from a vacation or other fun trip. Commercial flights are not scheduled around your personal plans and won’t adjust for a single passenger. With a private air travel membership, you can have a flight ready within hours of request. You don’t have to wait for other passengers, a routine schedule or any other hassle.

4. Privacy 

Many travelers complain about the lack of privacy on commercial flights. Even seats in business and first class often lack enough space to feel comfortable. Privacy is another great advantage of flying private. You can conduct meetings, work on personal projects or even rest if you’re too tired.

5. Quality 

Commercial airlines try to cut their costs at every opportunity. When you’re flying private, the service will be of much higher quality. Furthermore, the airplane and furniture inside will be of better quality than any commercial airline.

Commercial airlines aren’t the only method for travel. Private air travel memberships offer a host of benefits that are accessible to any traveler. Forget the hassle of traditional methods of flying and consider how much nicer it would be to fly privately.

Evan Shaner