5 Things to Know About Integrated Circuits

The integrated circuit first introduced on the market in 1958 has enhanced technology as we know it today by fitting more and more information and functions into less and less space. An integrated circuit, or IC, has enabled us to have laptops that are hundreds of times more powerful and a fraction of the size of the first computers. Keep reading or list of five reasons as to why the integrated circuit has changed our lives for good.

1. What Do They Do?

A top tech site tells us that an integrated circuit is a small microchip that can hold thousands of electronic twitches. They are what has made it possible to go from room sized computing machines to your average smartphone. The technology to fit more and more components on an integrated circuit has made the capacity roughly double every year or so.

2. What Types of Integrated Circuit Are There?

There are only three kinds of an integrated circuit. They can be digital, analog or mixed. An integrated circuit that is digital would handle all of the binary values, making sense of the 1s and 0s to perform the right functions. An analog integrated circuit gathers( (integrates) components for a continuous signal like an audio signal. A mixed one of these will perform both tasks switching between them when it is called for.

3. What Uses Integrated Circuits?

The whole point of an integrated circuit is to hold thousands, if not millions of things such as transistors resisters and capacitors. A popular encyclopedia tells us they are usd in things all around us. They give a large amount of power to one thing. Anything electronic or digital will use an integrated circuit. Things like phones and laptops, all the way to a vacuum or a blender.

4. What’s the Difference Between an Integrated Circuit and a Microchip?

There is essentially no difference between an IC and a microchip. An integrated circuit is just a set of electronic circuits that are laid out on ‘chip’ of a semi-conducting material, generally silicon. An integrated circuit is called an IC, a chip, or microchip.

5. What Are Some Disadvantages?

With an integrated circuit, they are so ubiquitous in powering the things around us, that we couldn’t really find a disadvantage. However, if you get ICs that are the wrong type, or wrong size you will run into some disappointment.

An integrated circuit has made it possible for many of he conveniences we enjoy in daily life to even exist. They make it possible to have a very small computer that can fit in pants pockets.

Evan Shaner