5 Tips for Moving to Canada

Beautiful Canada makes an excellent place to live. If you are thinking about moving here, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind before you go. Being mindful of such details will make it easier to adjust.

Canada is Huge

Canada is incredibly large. In fact, it’s the world’s second largest nation by area. Getting from one place to the next can and will take a lot longer than you imagine. Make sure you know exactly how to get from one place to the next. Even what appeal to be short trips may take longer than you think. For example, if you are going from Toronto to Montreal, you’ll want make sure you know exactly how long it is going to take and how much time you need to get there.
Official Languages

The country has two official languages: English and French. French is widely spoken in Quebec. Most people are fluent in English. If you’re headed to Quebec, consider brushing up on your French. It will help you read the street signs and get around. This is a great way to enjoy the culture of France without the need to head to Europe.

Most of the Population Lives Near the American Border

While the much of the country of Canada is very spread out, the majority of the population of the nation lives within a hundred miles of the border with America. That makes it easy for residents to enjoy the best of both worlds. They can spend time in Canada while also heading south to come to the United States. If you have relatives in the U.S., you’ll find it easy to take a road trip and meet up. Many American cities such as Detroit are actually an easy day trip from many parts of Canada.

It is a Lot Colder Than You Think

If you love brisk weather, you’re in luck. This is the place to be. Other than Vancouver, winter is long and cold. It’s up north and it shows. Snows are frequent. Temperatures rarely get above freezing once December sets in. On the positive side, you can have lots of fun sledding, skiing and playing ice hockey.

The Food

The Canadians have a culture and a cuisine. In Quebec, sample authentic French food from luscious croissants to the best of modern French innovative cuisine. The rest of the country also has lots of eat. There’s poutine, the closest thing to a national dish and maple syrup of course.

Lovely, delightful Canada is an ideal place to live in the modern world. Make it your own private home and enjoy life. You’ll find a vast country that’s just waiting for your personal exploration.

Evan Shaner