5 Ways to Consume Marijuana

Marijuana exerts different effects on the user’s body. There are numerous ways of consuming marijuana with users choosing the options best for them. Discussed here are five ways of consuming marijuana.

1. Smoking
This is the most common route of marijuana consumption available today. The popularity of smoking can be explained by its ability to rapidly deliver tetra-hydro-cannabinol (THC) to the brain. It is the quickest method of delivering the desired effects of marijuana.

Once the active compound reaches the bloodstream through the lungs, it is delivered to the brain within seconds. The disadvantage of smoking is that some of the active cannabinoids are not delivered to the blood because they attach in the mouth. Smoking also directly exposes the tissues to the smoke.

2. Vaporization
Vaporizer pens are becoming more popular among medical and recreational marijuana users. Vaporization is discrete and produces little smell hence the increasing popularity. There are many users who feel that vaporization is a better option than smoking joints and bongs. The cartridges are filled with hash oil and are sold separately from the pens.

In order to ‘vape’, the pen is first charged through a USB outlet. After charging, the cartridge is inserted and vaped like an e-cigarette. During inhalation, the hash oil vaporizes as small lights shine and start flashing when the hit is diminished. This offers a controlled way of monitoring the level of hash oil. One cartridge provides 50 to 60 hits.

3. Marijuana Edibles
Edible marijuana is usually taken with meals such as cookies, cakes and candy. Although the effects are felt up to one hour later, it is among the strongest methods of marijuana delivery into the body. THC is taken to the liver where it is metabolized to produce a more potent metabolite which exerts stronger effects. The metabolite enters the brain more easily than THC making the effects of edible marijuana more powerful.

specific type of marijuana oil is chosen and spread throughout every meal course. THC is activated through heating at a specified temperature.

4. Marijuana Drinks
Marijuana drinks come in different forms such as a dry mix variety or as a readily mixed and bottled drink. Marijuana drinks exert their effects to the body and mind in a similar manner as the edibles. However, drinking may be more convenient as it possible to take several sips and return the cap.

5. Shatter and Wax
These are high potency concentrates of THC and other cannabinoids. The active compounds are pooled from the plant into a concentrated mass. The wax is soft while shatter is solid, hard and glassy. Shatter and wax are superheated in dabs and small bits using a bong to produce the vapor that is inhaled.

Evan Shaner