5 Ways to Start Your Conservative Company’s Digital Transformation

Offices today are pretty much split between those that rely on paper to run and those that are wired. As more offices find that the advantages to be converting to digital come with major advantages, others are holding out due to their satisfaction with how they do things now. Also, workers already have all the technology that they want to deal with and thus resist any attempts to add any more technology to their offices. Office managers dislike dealing with these more conservative offices, but nonetheless they feel the need to try and transform them anyway. The problem is making the conversion as painless as possible.

Making It Digital
While it is relatively painless to to transform a workplace to digital, it does take some actual planning. There are some details that need to be considered when you are making the shift:

1) Make sure that you have an actual plan for the transformation. Any change in how you do business needs to be deliberate and well-planned; you need to know exactly what you are doing before you get going in order to avoid making it too complicated and limiting downtime during the transformation.

2) Get everyone on board. Make sure that everyone is at least willing to try the technology. You will need support to make all of the necessary changes, so make sure that everyone sees the benefits before you get started. This will make the transformation that much easier.

3) Make sure that everyone knows how to use the new technology. While it may just be a small upgrading of skills, it is necessary to make sure everyone knows how to use it or it will either be a waste of time or you will need to hire people that can use it.

4) Re-align the organization as needed. You may find that some take to the new way of doing things easier than others, while others have skills that translate well to the new way of doing business; it is thus not a bad idea to shift people around as needed in order to maximize those strengths. Combined with the need to possibly hire new people in order to deal with the technology, your organization should adapt to the new needs.

5) Confirm that the system works. Nothing dispels worry like success, so make sure that everything is working and monitor things during the first month or two, reporting numbers that mean something to your employees, such as profits, number of customers, and even visitors to the site. This transparency can only help the transition.

Converting your workplace to digital has a number of advantages, such as efficiency, communication, and speed. It should not be all that expensive, and the potential advantage in profits should be considered. Nonetheless, your employees should be in on the transformation if you want it to succeed.

Evan Shaner