6 Budget-Friendly Tips for Finding the Wedding Dress of Your Dreams

The wedding dress of your dreams needn’t be expensive. By being creative and shopping early, you’ll have your pick of gowns without them breaking the bank. In fact, you’d be surprised at how many bargains exist if you’re willing to work for them. The following list of tips will have you saying yes to a beautiful, yet price appropriate, dress in a matter of no time.


Here are six budget-friendly ways to find the wedding dress of your dreams without spending a fortune:


  1. Buy it secondhand. The average bride wears her wedding dress once before storing it away or selling it. That’s why it’s important to look at thrift stores, yard sales, and consignment shops for the dress of your dreams. Oftentimes, you’ll find designer gowns for a fraction of their retail cost. Because you’ll only be wearing it once as well, there is no need to go bust buying a dress, either.
  2. Look for samples. Brides.com suggests going to sample sales. The dresses being sold are the ones that women try on to see if they like them. An average savings of 25% to 50% is to be had by shopping this way.
  3. Rent a dress. Some bridal shops rent dresses the way that tuxedos are rented out. You’re not owning the dress that you’re wearing which means you’ll spend significantly less. This is an option for the bridal party, too, who already own a closet full of dresses from weddings past.
  4. Make your own. If you’re a seamstress, you can easily make your own dress using upcycled pieces from other dresses or fabric that you’ve purchased inexpensively. It will have more sentimental value because you took the time to make it yourself. You’ll have more of an excuse to store it away, too.
  5. Think outside the box. A dress can fit a particular theme that you’ve chosen. For example, maybe it’s denim and you opt to wear a denim dress instead of a satin one. If it’s held on a beach, a pretty sundress will do and be less likely to get wet or stained from being outdoors.
  6. Purchase separates. A pretty top and skirt is every bit as glamorous as a one-piece wedding dress. It’s most likely a cheaper option, too. If your wedding isn’t formal, you can always wear the pieces again with different clothing in your wardrobe.

Shopping for the perfect wedding dress doesn’t need to be stressful. In fact, there are many ways you can prepare for the occasion. The budget-friendly tips listed above ensure that you get an amazing dress for your special day without going into debt to do so. Being a frugal bride has never been more fashionable!

Evan Shaner