6 Interior Decorating Secrets You Need to Know

Though star interior decorators may be careful about revealing all of the secrets when it comes to to how they get their client’s million-dollar properties to look as stunning as they do, once in a while they let a secret or two drop. Here are six that can have the humblest studio apartment looking almost as lovely as a movie star’s mansion.

Bigger Is Not Better
A person who is fortunate enough to have a house built to specifications should think twice before filling it with huge rooms. They are challenging to decorate and nearly always seem too large. If a homeowner resolves to keep a huge room, they can set up different seating areas around the space. Make sure that the traffic flows easily around them.

On the other hand, if a room is too small, oversized furniture actually makes it look bigger. Another trick to making a small room look larger is to paint the walls and ceiling in dark colors.

Use Atmospheric Colors
Some decorators use colors that change, subtly, with the light in the room. These colors are usually one primary color with perhaps a tiny bit of a complementary color in them. Many decorators place cool colors in south facing rooms because these rooms get full sun all day. They also place warm colors in north facing rooms that only get indirect light. On the other hand, some decorators do the opposite.

Layer the Lights
Even a small room can benefit from more than one light source. A hanging lamp or chandelier can give general light, while a task light for reading can be placed near a bed or a sofa. Task lights are also good to place under wall cabinets to light up food preparation areas. Other decorators put lights on the work surface itself. Accent lights pick out a work of art like a painting or table sculpture.

Another lighting tip is to avoid fluorescent lights in the bathroom if the bathroom is where makeup is applied. Fluorescent lights shift everything toward the blue. Lights can be put in closets, too. Wire them so that they turn on when the door is open to prevent fumbling about in the dark for a light switch.

Mix Old and New
A well decorated room often has a balance of antiques or furniture that looks antique and more modern furnishings. Also, an elegant piece can be paired with a piece that looks a bit careworn.

Use Lots of Pillows
Toss lots of colorful pillows on chairs and sofas and even on the floor. A room with just one or two pillows looks unwelcoming. Contrast patterns, colors, textures, shapes and sizes.

Neither Sofas Nor Coffee Tables Are A Must
There’s no rule that says a livingroom needs a sofa. A nice seating area or two of comfortable armchairs will suffice. A coffee table is also not necessary. Some people use an ottoman and place a tray on top of it. Other use two simple end tables placed beside each other where the coffee table would be.

Evan Shaner