6 Reasons to Have a Personal Attorney on Retainer

Having access to quality legal assistance and support is extremely beneficial. Because of this, it may be a good idea to keep a lawyer on retainer at all times. Even if you do not have any current need for legal assistance, there are several benefits that come with having a lawyer on retainer at all times.

Access to Legal Support
One of the main reasons why you should have a personal lawyer on retainer is that it will give you immediate access to legal support. If you have an attorney that is on retainer, they will be available to you when you need it the most. This can be extremely ideal if you are ever arrested or sued and need to receive legal assistance immediately.

Provides Constant Advice
While the main benefit of having a lawyer on retainer is that you will have access to legal support when you need it the most, another advantage is that you can receive constant advice. While the lawyer is available for big issues, you can also have the attorney to contact with more minor situations when necessary.

Gives Credibility
When you have a lawyer on retainer, you will also have a certain level of more credibility in the criminal or civil law system. If you have a quality lawyer at your disposal at all times, there is a lesser chance that someone will want to sue you for a frivolous purpose. It could also help to prevent being arrested for a minor crime or something that you did not do.

Paid in Advance
If you are ever arrested, you may find that a lot of your assets are frozen until the case is cleared up. This can make it very hard to pay for an attorney. When you have one on retainer at all times, you will have paid for the legal services in advance. This means that you will not have to worry about money if you are ever arrested or sued.

When you have a personal lawyer on retainer, you will also be able to form a bond and relationship with your attorney. While the attorney relationship is professional, having a more personal relationships as well is also beneficial in many cases. When you have a closer relationship with your attorney on retainer, the lawyer will be able to make more decisions in your interests as they will have a better understanding of what you want.

Keeps Lawyer on Your Side
Finally, having a lawyer on retainer is a good idea because it will keep your attorney on your side. Your lawyer will be disallowed by law to represent the other party. If your lawyer is very good, it will give you a big advantage over your competition and the other party.

Evan Shaner