6 Simple Ideas to Stage Your House

If you are looking to sell your house in the near future, you need to get it ready to show prospective buyers. Staging your home is the best way to get your house ready and for it to sell quicker. Here are 6 simple ideas and tips to help you stage your house.



One of the most important things to do is de-clutter your home. If you have a lot of possessions, to where your closets are overfull and have a lot of stuff lying everywhere – you need to sort them out. Get rid of what you no longer need, leave what you absolutely need and everything else will need to go in a storage unit. Things you might want to store would include extra pieces of furniture, out of season sports gear, or out of season clothing.


Deep Clean

A clean home and free from unpleasant smells is what a prospective buyer wants to walk into. If you leave trash around or have unclean toilets – a prospective buyer may think that you didn’t take good care of the home and may not have kept up with necessary maintenance. If the house is bad enough, they may just turn around and walk out.


Neutral Color

The last thing someone wants to do right away when they move into a home is paint. If you have bright and bold colors or a personal mural on the wall – it is best to paint over these with a neutral toned paint. Colors like taupe or gray are pleasing to the eye, and it is what a lot of prospective buyers are looking for.


Curb Appeal

Your lawn is the first impression for your house. Take the time and trim the bushes and trees, mow and week whack the lawn and get the yard looking sharp. Depending on the time of the year, you may want to put out a few small decorations that are tasteful. If it is wintertime, be sure to shovel and salt the driveway and sidewalk – you don’t want anyone to injure themselves.



When a prospective buyer enters the house – they will be trying to imagine their stuff and them living in the house. It is important that you limit the amount of personal items like pictures, height charts, knick-knacks, etc. as it will be easier for them to visualize the house with them in it.


Make it Cozy

Once you get to open house time, make little touches that make the place seem homier. Things like burning scented candles or wax melts and baking chocolate chip cookies. If it is the holiday season, add some decorations inside your home – just make sure they are tasteful.


With these tips, it will be no time at all before you have an offer. If you are unsure of exactly what your house needs, consult your realtor or real estate agent for advice.

Evan Shaner