6 Things to Know About Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is the temporary exposure to cold elements, traditionally water, that results in beneficial health effects for participants. When humans are exposed to the extreme cold, an array of physiological responses ensues that serve the evolutionary function of keeping us alive and helping us escape danger. While chronic, uncontrolled stress can be harmful, the type of stress induced by cold therapy is actually beneficial to us.
Learn how to use cold therapy to your advantage to become mentally and physically stronger, handle adversity better, and enjoy better mood thanks to the boost from cold. Best of all, you do can cold therapy right in your own home. Read on to find out how.

Cold Therapy Improves Athletic Performance

Studies have shown benefits in cardiovascular function for athletes and non-athletes, meaning that stressful activity can be maintained for longer. Cold therapy works to increase testosterone as well, thereby delivering performance benefits. Not only that, but cold therapy improves recovery time for athletes.

Cold Therapy Sets Your Hormones Right

The endocrine system is particularly hard-hit by the onslaught of food additives and toxic chemicals that are so common in our modern society. Cold therapy is a big boost for the endocrine system.

Cold Therapy Has Cognitive (Mental) Benefits

Because cold therapy increases blood flow to the major organs, it carries benefits for your brain as well by delivering oxygen-rich blood to your most important organ. The inflammation-lowering effects of cold therapy also extend to the brain.

Baby Steps Work Too

You don’t need to introduce yourself to cold therapy by climbing Mount Everest in shorts like cold therapy pioneer Wim Hof. Studies have shown tangible benefits from as little as thirty seconds of exposure. Understandably, many newcomers to cold therapy are hesitant to “dive right in” immediately. You can start your journey by simply ending your hot showers with 30 seconds of cold water and then work your way slowly to full showers using cold water.

Cold Therapy is an Ancient Practice

Cold therapy is not new. In fact, one of the oldest medical texts ever written, the Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus from over three thousand years ago, prescribes cold water therapy specifically.

You Don’t Need a lot of Money to Practice Cold Therapy

Cryotherapy, where ultra-cold air is circulated in a sealed environment for several minutes, can be quite costly – out of range for average people. However, to reap the benefits of cold therapy, all you really need is a cold shower. Just a few cents spent on a water bill can deliver all the healthful impacts of cold therapy. Better yet, if you live near a clean lake or river, take a dip in the wintertime!

Anyone and everyone, healthy or sick, old or young, can benefit from cold therapy. Take a few minutes out of your day to practice cold therapy. You’ll notice the results immediately in the way you feel.

Evan Shaner