6 Things You Need to Know about E-Cigarettes

If one of your resolutions for the New Year was to quit smoking, then you may consider electronic cigarettes, or vaping. You will still get the kick of nicotine that you crave without burning tobacco. Unlike traditional tobacco products that are limited in flavor varieties, electronic cigarettes offer users a plethora of delicious flavors. Before you embark your vaping journey, here are a few pointers to consider about electronic cigarettes:

1. Electronic cigarettes do not have any burning components. They are powered by batteries which heat the special vaping juice that you put inside the device. The heat vaporizes the juice and you inhale the vapors. There is no stink and no ashes. They go by several names, such as electronic cigarettes, E-cigarettes, or vaping.

2. No tobacco is involved in vaping. Smoking cigarettes involves burning tobacco and inhaling its often nauseating fumes. Electronic cigarettes provide the nicotine you need without the harmful tobacco. There are also no dangerous additives and other bi-products produced by vaping that are from smoking tobacco. This is a bonus for non-smokers around you. Traditional cigarettes carry the dangers of producing second-hand smoke. Second-hand smoke is not a problem with electronic cigarettes, because smoke is not even produced.

3. After you smoke a cigarette, it is gone (except for the filter part). Because cigarettes can only be smoked once, you have to keep buying more to smoke. According to International Business Times, you can expect to pay at least $6 or more for a pack of cigarettes. If you smoke as little as 10 cigarettes a day, you can expect to pay $89 a month. You would double the amount if you smoke a pack a day (20 cigarettes). Electronic cigarettes can be recharged, refilled, and reused several times. Not only are you doing your lungs a favor by switching, but you are also helping your wallet.

4. Electronic cigarettes are not a new invention. According to casaa.org, they were invented by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik. Other sources say that the prototype for electronic cigarettes was patented over fifty years ago by a gentleman named Herbert A. Gilbert. E-cigarettes just seem new because they are a prevalent choice for tobacco smoking cessation.

5. The special liquids used for vaping, called e-juice, do contain nicotine. Instead of getting a dose of nicotine by tobacco, patches, or a medicated gum, people who use electronic cigarettes get it by vaping. There are even e-juice formulas that are nicotine –free for people who want to enjoy vaping without the nicotine kick.

6. Most states now have laws that ban using tobacco products in public places. Unfortunately, many of these places also take it further and ban electronic cigarettes. The good news is that there are still many places that allow you to vape on your e-cigarette. Just be sure that you check the rules of the establishment before you click on your electronic cigarette.

Many people say that they quit smoking or greatly reduced their cigarette intake thanks to the help of electronic cigarettes. You get the feel, taste, and nicotine of traditional cigarettes without even smoking tobacco. Vaping is certainly worth looking into if you are thinking of quitting cigarettes.

Evan Shaner