6 Tips for Designing Your Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are aimed at passing a message to the recipient. One of the perfect ways to build up unity and the spirit of your team for an event is to gift them with challenge coins. It is evident that managers want to design a unique challenge coin that shows that you cared and spent the time to create it. You can easily design a challenge coin as long as you understand what you want, the message you want to convey and follow design tips.


Choose the material wisely


The material of a challenge coin acts as the foundation of its design. Most people or companies that design challenge coins use an array of metals. Make sure you choose a material that will complement the design as well as match with your goal.


Use color


Sometimes a metallic coin is okay for a challenge coin. However, the coin could also benefit mainly by incorporating color in its design. Color is a vital part of the coin’s design; thus, put it in mind early during the design process. You should also consider color psychology so that the challenge coin carries the relevant connotations.


Focus on the event


You need to incorporate the activity to the design of the challenge coin. A focus on the competition when designing a challenge coin ensures that it remains memorable even after the occasion. A reference of the occasion makes sure that the recipient acquires the gift with meaning.


The logo of the group


You cannot exclude the logo of your group when designing a challenge coin. While the coin still bears information about the organization or group, it is essential to emphasize the company’s data using a logo. Your coin will look lame when compared with other coins if it does not have a logo.


Ask for support


Usually, companies that specialize in producing challenging coins have the expertise necessary to bring out the best of your design. The designers can assist you in getting the best ideas of designing challenge coins to meet your expectations. You need individuals with unique design skills to help develop a challenge coin.


Use both sides


Coins have two faces. As such, do not shy away from using the two sides when designing your challenge coin. You can use the same design on both sides or make the sides different from each other. For instance, you can use the company’s logo on one side and reference the event on the other.


It is advisable to reference the product that your company is promoting if it is designing a coin for a promotional event. These design tips will act as a guideline for you as you start the challenge coin design process. You should not lose sign of your goals for designing the coin.

Evan Shaner