6 Unlikely Ways to Expand your Customer Service

No company can survive without top-notch customer service protocols at their disposal. Today’s savviest organizations ascribe their success to innovative ways of satisfying their clientele’s needs. To enhance your communication abilities as a business, it is wise to experiment with unusual processes. The following six methods will generate unexpected results.

1. Online Chat

In general, the telecommunications industry is being phased out in favor of digital interactions. Even though conference calls were the predominant form of customer help for decades, they are suddenly being replaced by instant messaging technology. Overall, customers consider this kind of integration to be a major improvement, especially since it conveniently streamlines the representative’s capacity to access a client’s information online. The need for customer input is minimized almost entirely. According to Forbes, this module should never interrupt the user experience, because unwarranted pop-ups may feel intrusive.

2. Text Message Correspondence

To reach customers even faster, some brands have taken the personal approach of sending text messages. Of course, this should only be done with a client’s explicit permission; otherwise, your company runs the risk of being considered spam. Ultimately, this approach can become an indispensable element of your marketing scheme, especially since being connected by phone enshrines targeted communications on the go.

3. Mobile Application

Speaking of phones, mobile applications are becoming the number one arena for customer service in 2016. It seems like every single brand has their own app, and this makes sense once you consider the instant benefits. These programs can completely streamline all of a company’s essential services, and they dictate that interactions will be conducted on a brand’s own terms.

4. Algorithmic Recommendations

If your business specializes in delivering media or tailored content, then it may be wise to upgrade your internal algorithm. This programming architecture can revolutionize a brand’s ability to provide materials that are specifically relevant to each customer’s interests and needs. Based on reports by The Huffington Post, machine learning is rapidly catching up to human intelligence. As such, computerized results often surpass the possibilities of user-generated content.

5. In-Home Support

Sometimes, the only way to satisfy a customer is by fixing their problem in person. If you have the resources, then it may be smart to assemble a fleet of handy technicians that are available in high-demand areas. While this may seem like an obsolete methodology in the 21st century, it is making a stunning resurgence in 2016.

6. Free Upgrades and Trials

If your services are too good to give away, then the masses might not know what they are missing. To rectify this issue, clever companies provide their premium offerings for a limited amount of time. Once customers become accustomed to the advantages, they are bound to subscribe for an upgraded membership.
An offering’s value is directly determined by its accessibility, so clever brands must emphasize modernized consumer outreach techniques. In the end, your outlook for customer service should directly parallel your mission statement!

Evan Shaner