7 Best Cities for Wireless Coverage

If you are thinking of moving, then you might want to consider a city that is very well connected to the internet. Some United States cities have made great strides in improving their infrastructure allowing for 5G networks. Other cities around the world offer free municipal hot spots zones.


Moscow ranks among the top providers of free internet. Users can log onto the system by simply connecting to MT_Free at over 2,000 library points, 1,000 in public parks, 8,000 public dormitories and 1,000 points along Third Ring Road. Users must identify themselves to the system once and then reconfirm their identity every three months. You may be forced to use the Russian internet if it is developed.


While you can already connect with the internet for free in 24 parks and public locations in Seoul, by the end of 2020, the city will have over 7,405 inner-city buses, 1,499 village buses, and 4,358 bus stops, and 358 center-only bus lanes. Users can also connect at over 300 welfare centers.


Singapore has almost 5,000 free public hotspots spread across the city. By the end of next year, you can connect at all train and bus stations with many already offering free wifi. You can also connect at the hawker centers, malls, and most businesses. All libraries offer free wifi as do most fast-food restaurants.

New York City

You can connect for free at over 1,500 LinkNYC kiosks on public streets and all subway stations. You can also access the internet if you are riding an underground subway train. Most tourist attractions offer free wifi.

Hong Kong

All public transportation stations offer free wifi in Hong Kong as do most major tourist attractions. Most convenience stores, especially 7-11, offer free access. Get free internet at the airport. Wherever you are in Hong Kong watch for the yellow and blue Wi-Fi.HK signs and you will know that you are a free hot spot.

Tallinn, Estonia

While this is the smallest city to make the list with a population of only 426,000 people, regardless of where you are in Tallinn you can access free wifi. It is also one of the fastest wireless networks in the world. The government considers internet access a universal right, and you can get it for free in most locations in this small country.


While other cities may offer a larger network, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is one of the few cities in the world to offer secure encrypted wifi. The city-operated system is available to users near one of the LinkPHL kiosks. You can also connect at most Philadelphia train and bus stations, but the system is not secured.

These are the cities with the best internet access. Some made the list because of the number of free spots that they offer. Others made the list because of their technology. Finally, some made the list because of their level of penetration.

Evan Shaner