7 Crucial Tips For Taking Care of Lingerie

Nothing is more frustrating than getting an adorable new set of lingerie and having it come out of the wash looking broken, stretched, or shrunken. Even very high quality lingerie is prone to getting damaged through daily wear and tear. Here are a few things you need to do to keep your lingerie in tip-top condition.

Alternate Between Items

Avoid wearing your favorite piece over and over. The stretchy materials in lingerie are meant to spring back into shape after each wear, but if you do not give them a lot of time to contract, you can permanently stretch out elastic.

Read the Care Instructions

The tags on a garment will give you the manufacturer’s tips for washing the lingerie. It is fine to be more cautious than the tag recommends, but avoid just tossing the garment in the washing machine if the tag recommends a hand wash.

Always Lay Flat and Air Dry

The heat from the dryer can easily warp and shrink fibers in your lingerie. The best way to dry lingerie is to spread a towel on a flat surface and lay the lingerie flat on the towel. This helps to prevent stretched out bands.

Deoderize With Vinegar

Add a little splash of basic white vinegar to your wash water when you clean lingerie. The smell will not linger after it dries, and it gets rid of sweat and other odors.

Store in a Cool, Dark Area

Heat can damage certain materials like elastic or nylon. Sun can also be an issue since some dyes will fade when exposed to UV rays, so somewhere cool and dark like a dresser drawer is best.

Never Fold Bras

Folding a bra in half can warp an underwire, and it may potentially twist molded cups out of shape. Store your bras standing up or lying down flat and unfolded in a drawer to avoid this.

Use a Lingerie Bag for Washing Machines

If you have pieces that you do want to wash in the washer, place the items inside a lingerie bag. This keeps satin, lace, and other softer materials from getting snagged on parts of the dryer or your other clothing.

As you can see, maintaining your lingerie properly is all about being extra gentle with these delicate materials. Though caring for lingerie takes a little extra work, the end results are definitely worth it. With these helpful tips, you can keep your lingerie looking fresh and new through several wears.

Evan Shaner