7 Reasons you Need a Color Business Card

If you do a simple internet search, it won’t take you long to find plenty of options for printing up black and white business cards for cheap. But cost isn’t the only important consideration when printing your cards.

In this post, learn 7 key reasons why you need a color business card.

Reason #1: Your business card may just become your first impression.
As you know by now, first impressions can only be made once. And business cards originally became popular not so much because you could hand them out in person, but because they could also be handed on and on until they got to the right contact. Color makes a more established, serious first impression, and that is what serves your business best.

Reason #2: Color is more eye-catching.
Much has been made of the use of color in the digital arena. But color is just as eye-catchingly effective in person. Some business cards are so visually attractive recipients keep them for reasons other than just to have a hard copy of their contacts! For longevity of use’s sake, color works better.

Reason #3: Logos and pictures are more popular business card additions.
If your business card is a small version of your resume, and you know pictures sell better than text, then you understand why logos and even personal pictures are appearing on business cards around the world. If your business is graphic design, modeling or another visual-based business, having a well-reproduced color business card is critical.

Reason #4: Color represents more than three-quarters of the reason why people make purchases.
Color can make people act. As proof, think about your own associations with colors like yellow, red, blue or pink. Think about your reactions to black and white. When you use color strategically in your business card, it says more than just that you have a legitimately profitable business you are serious about. Those colors carry a message of their own that can create action in the recipient.

Reason #5: Color stands out.
If you have ever attended an expo or trade show and returned back to your office with a literal stack of business cards to sift through, you can relate to the impact a color business card can make. Color helps your card stand out from the crowd.

Reason #6: Color helps your contacts work less.
When you use color, you put a “face with a name” so to speak. Your contact may not even have to read any of the small print text on your card to remember you – and reach out.

Reason #7: Color boosts your own confidence.
It can be genuinely anxiety-producing to hand out cards to strangers, even if you are a born extrovert. When you look down and see your own gorgeous, colorful business card and feel proud of your work, it will boost your confidence at meet-and-greets.


Evan Shaner