7 Things to Know About Year of the Pig

The Chinese zodiac has chosen the Pig as the symbol for 2019. This information will clue you in on the pig’s forecast for 2019. Use these seven interesting facts as an outline.

The Earth Pig 
Like all signs, pigs divide their personality by element. While the pig appears on the zodiac every twelve years, a pig element appears every 60 years. Pig categorizes the elements as Wood, Gold, Earth, Fire, and Water. The years 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, and 1983 completed the 5 elements, 1995 goes back to wood, 2007 embraces Gold or metal, and 2019 is Earth. The next year, 2031, will be the fire pig.

Last on the Zodiac 
A Chinese myth indicated the Jade Emperor would create the zodiac in the order the animals arrived at the party. The pig was late for one of two reasons: oversleeping or dealing with the wolf’s destruction on the house. Therefore, the pig is twelfth and last on the Chinese zodiac.

Pig traits gravitate toward happy, realistic, compassionate, and diligent social butterflies with an ambitious attitude and a great support system. Their extreme personality is very aggressive or very introverted, yet all are calm during troublesome situations. While romance isn’t their strong suit, the career department predicts success later in life.

Luck be a Lady 
Their chubby faces and large ears make the pig a lucky zodiac sign. The pig is a symbol of wealth by the Chinese people and represents the yin in the yin-yang symbol, so channel its power. Two, five, and eight are lucky numbers, 17 and 24 are lucky days of each month, and April 8–July 20 is the luckiest time of the year. East is a lucky direction, agate is a lucky mineral, and daisies and hydrangeas are lucky flowers. Finally, lucky colors are yellow, gray, and brown.

Bad Break 
Pigs contain unlucky symbols too. If you can, stay away from blue and green colors, the numbers one & seven, and the southeast direction. Additionally, September 12–December 2 will be the rockiest times for Pig people.

What zodiac sign is the best for friendships, family, and love? The best matches for Pig are Tiger, Rabbit, and Goat symbols due to appreciation and admiration of each other’s traits. The worst matches are Snake and Monkey. Personalities clash as well as lack of compromise and deep connection.

Proceed with Caution?
Pigs in the Year of the Pig (1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, and 2019) will attract bad luck this year. Luckily, it will balance out with something good to ease pain, anger, and frustration. For other zodiac signs in the Year of the Pig, expect good luck to come your way.

Last doesn’t mean the worst. The pig will provide an up and down emotional, financial, occupational, educational, and relationship rollercoaster. It makes 2019 unpredictable, but it’s important to embrace the pig’s yin on the yin-yang symbol to find peace during troubling times.

Evan Shaner