7 Tips For Effectively Communicating At Work

Being in any form of work environment and not being able to share your ideas or convey your message can be stressful. Whether you are a higher up as manager or you’re a front of the line in the office, knowing how to communicate is a skill you can bring with you to any job you may have one day. These are Universal tips that will help you in any type of job with any position.

– Learn How To Listen 

Knowing how to listen means knowing how to react properly in every situation. Any time you want to react to anything that is being said to you, it’s important that you pay attention to the conversation before reacting a certain way. Listening intently is a key to building strong workplace relationships.

– Understand Your Place To Speak 

Understand that you have a place to say something. You can give advice, speak the truth, and speak your mind, but there is a time and a place for it. Not everybody is going to be open-minded, so know when it is your time to speak.

– Ask Questions 

Never be afraid to ask questions. No one is too new or too experienced to ask questions of any sort. It is in this act of asking you build that connection between you and there person you are asking.

– Non-Verbal Communication Via Body Language 

With every movement you make, you are also saying something. Body language speaks louder than words. Someone who showcases confidence knows that how they move is affecting how people react to it.

– Appropriate Tone of Voice 

Know when to speak up and know when to sound genuine. Understand that inflection and how you say something is always how people will understand what you are saying. Even if you have good intentions, know how to say the right things the right way.

– Avoid Mumbling 

Being soft spoken is completely fine, but know when it is time to speak up and have your voice be heard. Confidence is key in any workplace environment.

– Appreciate 

Any time anybody listens to your side of the story, comes in to your office, or understands your point, appreciate them for listening. Appreciate those you work with and show them that any time they work with you.

Communicating at work is not always easy. People get too cocky and others don’t know how to speak their mind. Know your worth. Know that you deserve to be hard, listened to, and given the attention you need to share how you feel. Your opinion and thoughts matter. Communication skills take time to develop and improve upon, so take your time to truly see your growth and development.

Evan Shaner