8 Car Tire Maintenance Tips

Taking care of your tires is vital for any car owner. Tires help ensure that you get from point A to point B with no issues ,but many people fail to take care of them. The following are eight car tire tips to help ensure your tires are in tip top shape.

1. Knowledge

It is important that you learn how to check your tire thread periodically so that you know when to take those tires in for replacements. All you need to do is insert a penny in the thread, and make sure it sinks in halfway.

2. Brake Less

One thing that wears down tires more than usual is when you drive while holding the brakes down. You do not want to ride the brakes because you will bald your tires in no time.

3. Professional Help

It is important that you start taking your tires in to be checked professionally as instructed. A tire specialist should be able to tell you what is going on with your tires and if you need to replace them.

4. Rotating

Changing your tires when needed is just one of the tasks you need to do. You also need to rotate them. This is a necessary maintenance tip to ensure that every tire is used evenly.

5. Alignment

The bumps on the road can throw your car off balance. This could create a problem with the way your car’s tires wear down. It may cause you to change your tires sooner than you need to. Alignment helps prevent this issue.

6. Pressure Check

The tire’s pressure is pretty important as well. It ensures that your tires are ready for the road and improves control. Making sure the pressure is good also prevents blowouts, which are a real danger.

7. Avoid Potholes

Those potholes on the road can be detrimental on your tires. Not only can potholes cause you to have a blow out, but you could also wear down your tires faster or misalign your car. All you have to do is make sure that you avoid them or slow down whenever passing over them.

8. Slow Down

Pressing on your brakes when the car is driving very fast can be detrimental on your tires. You want to do your best to start slowing down before you press on the brakes. All you have to do is let go of the gas, and let your car slow down on its own to preserve your brakes.

These tips and suggestions should be easy enough for you to start doing every day as you care for your car. Be sure to ask your tire specialist to see if there any other steps you need to take.

Evan Shaner