8 Reasons to Love Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

It seems like we’re always low on space. We may need more room to do work or to run a business or simply to store belongings. If you’re thinking about meeting these needs with a pre-engineered steel building, here are eight reasons you should.

No Plans Required

Pre-engineered steel buildings have been planned out right down to the last screw, with only the assembly left to you. The plan will work for your site, your building codes, and your climate, so you skip the engineering and architectural fees.

High Durability

Homeowners and business operators alike want low maintenance on their buildings. Constantly repairing warped siding, chipped paint, or termite damage is a big drain on time and budgets. Steel buildings bypass all those problems with a durable finish atop a tough, steel framework that resists termites, weather, and grass trimmers.

Clear Spans

There’s nothing harder than trying to plan your space when you have columns and supports scattered throughout the building. Clear-span steel structures provide a wide-open floor plan that’s ready for whatever shelving, vehicles, tools, or other fixtures you’ll be placing inside.

Beautiful Designs

When you add a building to your property, whether it’s a home or a business, you want something that is attractive and matches your other buildings. Pre-engineered steel buildings are available in a rainbow of colors for walls, roofs, trim, and doors, assuring you of a perfect match.

Ultimate Security

Wooden door frames and siding are no match for even the simplest tools of crime, making you an easy target. Pre-engineered steel buildings are tightly-built and secure, keeping your contents safe from thieves. The durable sheeting can’t be breached by even a sophisticated burglar.

Fire Safety

In many parts of the country, forest fires are a real hazard. Floating embers can ignite shingle roofs or various wooden components of structures, destroying buildings and their contents. Steel buildings resist those falling sparks, helping keep your contents safe from fire.

Safe Materials

A few years ago, the materials used for pressure-treated wood were changed due to health concerns. The steel used in a pre-engineered structure will give you all the benefits of pressure-treated wood without subjecting occupants to unnecessary health risks or endangering nearby landscape plants.

Great Value

Steel is an excellent choice when it comes to affordability. The long life of the building and its near-zero maintenance cost makes it a much better choice than a wood frame with wood or vinyl siding. Short construction times mean less labor expense and shorter waits for needed space.

If you’re in the market for a structure that will create space while saving you money for years to come, pre-engineered steel buildings are just the solution you’re looking for.

Evan Shaner