8 Tips for Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Choosing the right wedding photographer is of critical importance. The style of the photographer must be appealing for your specific tastes, your personalities must be in sync and you must be happy with their work. Taking the time to locate the right photographer is extremely beneficial.

Once you have found a photographer you are interested in, set up a meeting in person. Do not even consider hiring them if you do not like them. The photographer does not have to be your best friend, but you should feel comfortable in their presence and your personalities must be compatible.

You will never find a perfect photographer. The idea is to find one with weaknesses you can live with. Talk to their past clients, read the reviews and ask them directly what they consider to be their weaknesses. If the photographer is a professional, they will tell you. The idea is to find the right balance of strength and weakness for your specific situation.

Always look at what is included in the package price. There may be additional charges for extra hours, assistants, engagement sessions, albums, JPG’s and high-resolution photos. If the price is too high but you love their work, remember you can eliminate the extra bells and whistles. Once you have finished paying for your wedding, you can always order additional prints or albums. Make certain you can afford the total price.

Look at the photographer’s portfolio to make sure you like their individual style. Talk to them and try to understand how they work. Make absolutely certain their style will work for the wedding you have planned. Remember, once the pictures have been taken, it is too late to change your mind.

The lighting you choose for your wedding will tell a story. This may be classic, hip, sentimental, documentary style, edgy or something entirely different. You need to be certain the photographer you choose can shoot in the type of lighting you have chosen. Pay attention to the point of view the photographer uses most. If this does not work with your lighting, find someone else.

The majority of modern photography work is done post-processing. Look closely at the photographer’s portfolio. Understand the images do not come out of the camera the way they appear. This will help you choose someone whose post-processing work appeals to your taste.

Look at all of the work the photographer has done for each wedding as opposed to their most popular pictures. This will show you their true capabilities and help you make the right choice.

Find out how long the photographer will need before your pictures are ready. Your full gallery can takes as long as six months. Faster is not better because your photographer is most likely shooting numerous weddings. Quality is more important than speed.

The most important part is hiring a photographer to provide you with beautiful memories of your wedding day.

Evan Shaner