9 Creative Ideas for an Engagement Photo Shoot

Getting engaged is an exciting time in life. Engagement photos should reflect that. Unfortunately, many engagement photos are boring. Liven up those pictures with the following suggestions.

The Common Bond
While the old adage of ‘opposites attract’ often rings true, every couple has something in common. Use that to inspire some unique photos. For instance, the couple who just loves to eat out can sit together over their favorite meal and holding hands, engagement ring out.

Meeting Grounds
Every couple met for the first time in a specific place. Whether or not it was a particularly special or memorable place, it can serve as a unique backdrop to a fun photo session.

Throwback Fun
The couple that has known each other for years and years may want to stage a blast from the past for their engagement photos by putting on outfits that reflect the fashion trends of when they met five or ten years ago.

Set the Stage
For the couple who is looking to provide entertainment in their engagement photos, let the silver screen provide inspiration. As suggested by The Knot, movie buffs can choose just about any movie theme from the Bond movies to Star Wars and recreate a scene. Friends and family can always throw on a costume and play a part as well.

Show Off the Skills
If the happily engaged couple has a particular talent, engagement photos are perfect exploiting that. Carpenters pull out the tools and create the unique bench for the engaged couple to sit on complete with names carved inside a heart. Dancers dress in your favorite performance attire and strike a limber pose.

Artsy Recreation
Art is all around us and can be a part of the engagement photos too. Pick a painting or a sculpture to recreate. With a little bit of makeup, a couple of costumes and a cool backdrop, anything is possible in the world of art. Bridal Guide has a few simple suggestions to grease the creative wheels.

Go Team
The sport loving couple has a couple of options. They can visit the venue of their favorite team and, with a bit of schmoozing, might be able to get the team (or at least their mascot) in on the fun. They can also don the uniforms and stage a game.

Warm Fuzzy
Pet lovers can let the critters in on the photographic action. Cuddle up with those crazy cats who everyone is watching on YouTube videos and create some cute, cuddly moments of bliss. Playing catch with the dog using an oversized squeaky-toy ring is also an option.

Play with Props
Get out the bubbles or sidewalk chalk and create a message. Grab a few musical instruments and pretend to play some favorite songs. Or write out the date of the upcoming nuptials on a chalkboard and hold it up together.

Evan Shaner