A Guide to the Royal Frenchel Dog Breed

When Anahata Graceland’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer, the experienced breeder decided to create Royal Frenchels as a service animal, using Cavalier King Charles Spaniels to offset many of the health issues of French Bulldogs, who often have trouble breathing and aren’t suited to medical environments. You may see them working with cancer patients or those suffering from epilepsy. Royal Frenchels have a long, healthy life, and plenty of love to give during it.

Every dog has its own personality, but in general, Royal Frenchels have a great temperament. The overwhelming theme when describing Royal Frenchel’s is affectionate. They are so loving that affection is recommended as a training reward instead of treats! Speaking of training, you may find this one of the easiest breeds to train. Their strong bond and affectionate nature play a big part, but they are also noted for their intelligence and intuition. Royal Frenchels are also known to be active and enjoy games and learning, so they’ll happily spend their whole day with you, cuddling or playing!

Health & Care
Breeds like Royal Frenchels that are mixes often have much better health than the breeds they come from. These dogs often live 16-20 years, which is a long life even for a small breed! Overall, most Frenchels are extremely healthy. Still, you should be on the lookout for any heart issues like spaniels and/or respiratory issues like bulldogs. Short, often silky coats mean these dogs are easier to keep clean and don’t need much in the way of grooming.

Should I Get One?
The big question of “What dog is right for me?” is always a good thing to ask yourself. When trying to determine if your lifestyle is compatible with a Royal Frenchel, keep a few things in mind. While not the neediest pets, if the sound of ending a long day with cuddles turns you off, a less human-oriented dog might be better. Active dogs will need you to play, or at least have space for them to play by themselves. Luckily, not much space is needed for a small dog. Even the biggest Royal Frenchels are under 30lbs, so they’re great if you live in an apartment! If you’re looking for a travel companion, that’s another trait that was bred right in to make them wonderful service animals.

Royal Frenchels are gaining popularity quickly. You may find them to be an ideal pet or service animal. With their intelligent and loving personalities, they’re great for families or apartments. You may just find all the love and companionship you need in the eyes of a Royal Frenchel!

Evan Shaner