Advantages of Law Enforcement Cloud Software

It is important for law enforcement agencies to do everything possible to stay ahead of the criminals. If they don’t, they risk falling behind. Criminal databases are one of the most important tools for any law enforcement agency. These databases store vital information, such as open cases and people with warrants. Cloud software makes using and accessing these databases easier than ever before. Cloud software stores information and databases at a remote location. Cloud software allows for easier access to the database. It also makes the database cheaper to run and more secure.


Law enforcement officers need to access their data quickly and efficiently. If they can’t access their database when they need to, they could miss out on information during crucial moments. This could cause them to lose a case or put themselves in danger. The nature of law enforcement work is unpredictable, and an anonymous tip or another event could happen at any time. It is important for this information to be logged right away. Cloud software allows the database to be stored remotely, but it also allows it to be accessed from anywhere.

Any law enforcement official with the proper credentials could log in and access vital information. Cloud software will enable them to access the database from home. They will not have to drive to the police station to check information or log files.

Cost effective

Cloud software is also more cost effective. Cloud software is cheaper than traditional databases. Databases and software that are run from the police station need power, an internet connection and maintenance. These things cost money. It’s important for law enforcement agencies to cut back on unneeded expense. Unnecessary costs can tie up funds. This makes it difficult to access new equipment and tools.

Using cloud software eliminates these costs. Everything is hosted at a remote location. This cuts down on power usage and bandwidth. Using cloud software frees up the budget, so law enforcement agencies have money to spend on other needs.


Cloud software is very secure. Security is vital for any law enforcement database. Without proper security, important data could be compromised. Compromised data could ruin an investigation, tip off a criminal or get an informant killed. The critical data on law enforce databases must be protected at all costs. Data stored locally cannot be as secure as data stored on cloud software. Most Law enforcement agencies don’t have the technology or the expertise to properly secure a network from hackers.

However, cloud software companies have an entire team of highly trained network security professionals. This team of professionals will ensure the data is safe and secure. This will eliminate the risk of digital information falling into the wrong hands
It is recommended that all law enforcement agencies consider switching to cloud software. There are three very power benefits to using cloud software that cannot be ignored. Cloud software saves money, saves time and secures data. Even if money and time are not an issue, network security is always an issue. With cloud bases software, law enforcement agencies will not have to worry about their data falling into the wrong hands.

Evan Shaner