Beginner Vapers: 8 Important Things You Need to Know

Vaping is one of the hottest trends sweeping around the world right now. Using a vaporizer lets you get your nicotine fix without ingesting as much nicotine as you would with a regular cigarette. As someone new to vaping, there are some things you should know before buying your first vaporizer.

It’s Not an Electronic Cigarette

Many people refer to an electronic cigarette and a vaporizer as the same thing, but these two devices are completely different. A vaporizer features a tank that you refill with a liquid or e-juice. Electronic cigarettes use flavored filters that are usually more expensive.

You Can’t Smoke Everywhere

Despite what you might think, you can’t smoke a vaporizer anywhere you go. WTVR out of Virginia did a report in January of 2016 about governments cracking down on where smokers can use their vaporizers. Many restaurants and stores now prohibit the use of these devices.

Different Flavors are Available

The e-juices that you use inside vaporizers now come in a number of fun flavors. You might stick with traditional cigarette or menthol flavors, but you can also opt for fun flavors like strawberry daquari, chocolate or even tropical fruit punch.

You Can Make Your Own Flavors

When you invest in a vaporizer, you can create your own flavors. All you need is an oil or water base and some food grade essential oils. You’ll even find bottles that let you store your favorite flavors to use later.

You Need a Charger

Traditional cigarettes require no preparation before you smoke. With a vaporizer, you need to ensure that it always has a charge. You might buy and keep a second battery on hand to ensure it’s always ready to use. Most now come with a charger that lets you plug your vaporizer into the USB port on your computer or into a wall outlet.

It May Help You Stop Smoking

Using a vaporizer may help you cut back or stop smoking cigarettes completely. Long time smoker John Moore gave an interview to television station WTVC and stated that after just a few days of using a vaporizer he developed an aversion to the cigarettes he smoked before.

Celebrities Use Vaporizers

Celebrity smokers use vaporizers too. Leonardo DiCaprio made headlines in 2016 after he used his vaporizer on the red carpet and later at an awards ceremony. Celebrities know that using a vaporizer can help them stop smoking.

You Can Cut Down on Nicotine

Vaporizers help users stop smoking because the devices let you adjust the strength of the nicotine. You can start out at the highest level and gradually cut back until you use an e-juice that contains no nicotine. After your body adjusts to the next level, you can keep cutting back and then wean yourself completely off that vaporizer.

Vaporizers now come in a number of great designs. You can pick one up at a specialty store, a grocery store or even a gas station. Using one just might help you kick your cigarette habit.

Evan Shaner