Do You Really Need Party Favors?

Throwing a party or an event is stressful enough without throwing in the worry about party favors. Do you really need to give a party favor? While it’s custom, it’s actually not required. We’ve got a look into the world of party favors.
The Cool Favor

Many partygoers expect to find a party favor at your event. Other people could care less. It’s customary to give a fun little favor or favors that help the attendees remember the function. The best thing about party favors is they have become more creative the last few years. This doesn’t mean the host has to spend a lot of money on the favors, but that the favors are memorable. They’re more crafty and fun. Whether it’s a wedding or a children’s party, many people are crafting their own cute little party favors or ordering ones that go with the theme.

The One Favor Thought

One party favor idea that is gaining in popularity is the one, big single favor. These include things like a take home craft or a plant. Some people offer the centerpieces as favors or even food. Instead of going home with a bag of goodies they’ll stick in a junk drawer, the one favor is something that’s memorable and interesting relating to the party itself.

Small Gratitude

Party favors show a sense of gratitude to your guests. You’re thankful they came to your event, even though you’re the one that worked so hard to plan it. They just showed up. Sometimes people come to parties in inclement weather or when going through a tough time. It means a lot to you that they celebrated you. A little party favor is the least you can do as the host to thank them for loving you.

Party Decor

It’s an interesting thought that party favors can be decorative at your party. Use them, then get rid of them! It’s fun to use your party favors as decorations. They usually make great centerpieces. You can decide if you want to go the creative or simple route. You don’t even have to shell out a lot of money. Since your party favors double as decorations, you’re killing two birds with one stone.

Overall, it’s up to you if you really need party favors. Many people expect them while other people understand it’s a lot. The bottom line is that party favors are fun, creative ways to say thank you and send your guest on their way with a nice memory.

Evan Shaner