Five Important Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney

Going through a divorce is never easy especially when children are involved. You must have a good lawyer on your side to protect your rights and seek out a fair settlement. It might not be easy to choose a lawyer during this stressful period. Here are five important questions to ask your divorce attorney to ensure you are making the right decision.

What Is Your Experience With Divorce Cases?

The first questions should be about experience. You want an attorney who handles primarily divorce cases and not someone who is really a personal injury attorney dabbling in this area of the law. You also want to ask about how long the lawyer has been practicing as a divorce attorney. The answer should be several years at least. Ask how many divorce cases the attorney has handled. You want to hear more than just one or two. Ask if most cases were settled out of court or had to go to trial. These questions will give you a good idea about the experience and qualifications of any divorce lawyer.

How Will You Approach My Case?

There are over 813,000 divorces annually that all have unique circumstances and resolutions. You need to ask your divorce lawyer about the strategy that will be used. You want to get an idea about how the attorney plans to handle your case, get the settlement you want and defend against attacks from the other parties. You want to hear a strategy that you agree with and that makes sense.

Will You Be the Only Person Working On My Case?

It is common for law firms to have paralegals or lesser-experienced attorneys in the firm do much of the work for clients. This can include communicating with you, filing your paperwork and even attending meetings with opposing lawyers. You want to ask if your divorce lawyer will be the only person working on the case. If the answer is no, then you must ask about the experience and credentials of the people who will be. You want to know this information upfront so that you are not surprised later.

How Will We Be Communicating?

A very important question to ask is how you and the divorce attorney will be communicating. Ask if you will have the lawyer’s cell phone number and if you can call anytime with questions. Ask how long it takes the attorney to reply to your messages or emails. Ask what you should do in an emergency. You want a lawyer who is going to be available, communicative and open. If it seems like you might hear from the attorney only once in a great while, then think about choosing another one.

How Much Will I Be Charged?

Billionaire Rupert Murdoch’s divorce cost nearly $1.7 billion. Although your divorce might not cost as much, you still want to ask your lawyer how much you will be charged. Ask about the payment structure, fees and extra charges. Find out how the billing works. Your final question should be how much the attorney believes the divorce will cost when all is said and done. This will give you a realistic grasp of how to budget your finances.

Evan Shaner