Five Problems You Can Avoid By Using Wireless Refills

Wireless refill cards allow you to buy the exact number of minutes that you want to use with your mobile phone. These cards are available at many retailers, but some people might be on the fence about ditching their monthly provider or even getting a mobile phone in the first place. Here are five problems you can avoid by using wireless refills.

Phone contracts cause all sorts of problems. You’re locked in for two years, you have to pay a monthly rate regardless of how much you use the phone and you can’t choose other providers even if you hate the one you’re using. Refill cards allow you to buy an allotted number of minutes without any contracts. You’re free to choose other providers if you don’t like the one you’re using, and you don’t have any monthly bills.

Credit Checks
Some people can’t get a mobile phone due to poor credit. Most providers will run a credit check to ensure they can reliably bill you each month and collect money. Refill cards are paid in full, so there is no reason for the provider to run a credit check. This ensures that you can get a phone even if your credit is awful.

Trial Usage
Not sure if you’ll like a new phone? Refill cards allow you to try the device out without any penalty. You can use these cards to power your device for a month or two before deciding if you like it or not. You can then return it if you don’t like it, or use your favorite provider if you’re satisfied. Another benefit is that you can use refill cards to gauge how much you use the device so that you can choose an appropriate plan from your preferred provider.

Discounts and Sales
If you’re locked in with a carrier, then the monthly price is set. You can change it by modifying your allotted minutes and data, but the carrier is in control. Using refill cards allows you to shop for sales and discounts. There are many coupons available for refill cards, and many stores offer loyalty discounts if you accumulate enough points. Refill cards allow you to take advantage of these deals to reduce your costs.

Unused Minutes
Perhaps the most annoying thing about using a monthly provider is that your minutes and data expire at the end of the month. If you paid for 500 minutes, then you should be able to keep all the minutes you didn’t use. While this doesn’t apply to most monthly providers, it’s exactly what you get with refill cards. You get the number of minutes you paid for and nothing less. They expire when you’re finished using them.

Not only are refill cards typically more affordable than monthly providers, but they have several advantages that providers can’t beat. Aside from avoiding contracts and getting all of the minutes you pay for, you also avoid credit checks while hunting for deals. This is also a great way to see how many minutes you actually use during the month.

Evan Shaner