How to Keep Your Car Clean This Spring

The winter months are hard on vehicles. Snow, salt and slush, ruins an auto’s finish. Mud and dirt make the floors and interior look bad. By the time the spring arrives, a person’s car will need a good cleaning. Here is some practical information about how to keep your car clean this spring.

Clean the Inside of your Vehicle First

You should start cleaning your vehicle from the inside out. The reason being is that the interior should be cleaned up before you start on the exterior. Once you clean the interior, you can then work your way to the exterior. Once you thoroughly clean the exterior, then touch up the interior again.

Specific Instructions for Cleaning the Interior

Remove any trash and debris from your vehicle that can be thrown away by hand. Take out items that do not belong in your car. The items that you want to keep inside of your vehicle, organize them neatly in your glove compartment or within other interior compartments. Make sure that you clean out and organize your trunk space. You should vacuum the area, remove any trash or unwanted items and organize materials in your trunk. Wipe the dash, steering wheel and other parts of the interior space. Popular Mechanics recommends that you power wash the mats to get the dirt out. Scrub your floors with a stiff brush to clean the carpeting.

Clean the Exterior

Give your exterior a thorough washing. Clean the tire wells and the door jam spaces. Wipe along the edge of your vehicle. Dirt hides along the underside edges of your car. So, you must clean that area as well. Make sure that you clean the crevices within your vehicle. This is important for giving your car that professional detailed look. tells car owners to rinse their car off, then soap it up, scrub it from top to bottom and rinse it again. Make sure you rinse off the underbody.

Put on the Details and Finishing Touches

Once you clean out your interior, then spruce up your exterior; go back and touch up your interior again. This will help to keep it clean and neat. Next, focus on the tires. Scrub your tires with a firm tire brush and use a good tire cleaner. Next clean the head and rear lights, the bumper area and windshield and windows. Once you clean these individual parts your car will be ready for the road.

Spring cleaning your vehicle is important. Give it a very good cleaning when you start and then routinely clean it to maintain its appearance. Make sure you thoroughly clean your vehicle when spring arrives. Once you do this, it will be easier to keep cleaning it throughout the rest of the year.

Evan Shaner