How to Keep Your Joints Working in Cold Months

It’s tough being warm and keeping the body healthy when the weather outside is keeping you cold. The cold weather can engulf the body with a sense of stiffness and stop you from that strong bodily connection. The joints can affect how your overall body feels to stay active and moving. The key is to utilize the right changes in your lifestyle to help keep the joints limber and working during the cold months of the year.

– Remain Stretching Daily

Do a stretching routine in the morning, during the day, and at night before bed. It pays off to have your body have the blood flow to all areas of the body. When it’s cold, it’s easy to stay relaxed and cuddled up in bed, but you want to get the blood pumping throughout your body. Stretching helps increase the motion and movement of the body.

– Plenty of Steam

Do everything that you can to bring heat into your body. Steaming either from a strong shower or a steaming machine can help increase your body heat almost within minutes. It helps relax the mind when you inhale the heated moist, and this can eventually lead to relaxing the muscles and joints. When the mind is tense, the body can get some of that tense.

– Light Jog 

A good jog around the house or even outside as long as you have several layers on can help with providing the joints with movement without damaging them with strong weight lifting. Jogs help with circulation and providing the body movement.

– Maintain A Health Weight 

It’s a lot easier on the joints throughout your body when you are at a healthy weight. Unnecessary weight only adds damage to your joints. Staying active before the cold hits can help with maintaining your body long term. A healthy diet that works for you and a fitness regimen can help you.

– Dress In Layers 

It’s vital that you dress in layers both outside and indoors, and then slowly take off one layer at a time depending on how you feel. Dressing in layers simply help keeping the body warm and away from getting stiff.

The cold can really affect your joints if you don’t stay warm. The tips above can help improve how your body reacts to the cold. You don’t have to feel tired or stiff during the colder parts of the month. Just a few changes to your lifestyle can make a difference.

Evan Shaner