How to Prepare Your Child For Braces

If you notice that your child has teeth that aren’t exactly straight or there are issues with how your child talks because of the way that the teeth are positioned, then you might want to consider braces. A visit to an orthodontist can confirm whether your child will benefit from braces or not. Once you’ve made the decision together, there are a few ways that you can help prepare your child for this stage in life.

Talk about the options that are available. Traditional braces include brackets and wires that might be embarrassing for your child but that will result in a beautiful smile. Think about your budget as some options are less expensive than others. You also need to talk to your child about the length of time that braces will be worn so that you can put a plan in place for any sports or special school events. Answer any questions about orthodontic treatment honestly so that your child knows what to expect.

Your child will likely be nervous about sitting in a dental chair for an extended period of time. Let your child know that the time spent in the office will be beneficial after seeing the bright smile that braces will create. Explain the process of getting braces put on the teeth from having molds taken of the teeth to the dentist gluing the brackets to each tooth. Any uncomfortable feelings will likely go away after a few days. You can treat your child to soft foods that include ice cream soon after the braces are placed. Let your child choose a few other soft foods to enjoy during the first few days as well, such as macaroni and cheese or mashed potatoes as you don’t want your child to break any brackets right after getting braces.

Show your child how to use the wax that is given for the ends of the wires. This will help to prevent any cuts from occurring on the insides of the mouth. Make sure your child takes some of the wax to school as it can be uncomfortable sitting in class with wires poking your gums and cheeks. Talk about how braces are beneficial. Show your child pictures of people who have had braces and what they look like now.

Although braces are beneficial, your child might not be too excited to wear them for months at a time. As soon as you know that this is a treatment that your child will experience, talk about what to expect and ways to handle various situations that might arise while wearing braces. If your child sees you excited about straight teeth, then the orthodontic process usually won’t be as difficult.

Evan Shaner