How to Turn Your Backyard into an Entertainment Space

A backyard shouldn’t just be a place for you to plant grass and watch it grow. You should be able to gain some additional living space in your backyard. Turn your backyard into a top-notch entertainment space with the following ideas.

Survey Your Backyard 

Begin by surveying your backyard. Examine the contours of your yard and see what you have to work with. Prioritize what is important to you and rank the items that interest you most. Consider if you want:

– An area for barbecuing and dining
– An pool area
– A pergola/shaded area
– A playground
– A garden

While all of these items are not optimal for entertaining, you may need to carve up parts of your yard for them. With the remaining space you should consider what can fit, how each item will transform your yard, and how they can help you entertain.

Think in Terms of Zones 
If you have a large enough backyard, you can create several different areas or zones for entertaining. For example, you can have a dedicated area for cooking and dining, for hanging by a fire pit, and for cocktails. Having different zones allows your party to break off into smaller and more intimate groups, which are the hallmarks of many parties.

If space is limited, consider a multi-floor deck, which helps create zones with limited space or converting a den into a sunroom, which opens out and expands your backyard.

Consider the Quantity and Age of Guests 
Think about the people you will be entertaining. If it will be primarily families than a playground and patio area may make sense so that children are occupied and parents can relax nearby. If you will have young adults to entertain, a pool is often a great option for your yard for entertaining and can keep lots of guests active and engaged.

Make sure there is plenty of space for seating for your guests and have areas that can expand quickly and add more seats when needed. Avoid cluttering a backyard and leave open grassy spots that can be quickly converted to whatever the needs of the event.

Hire an Outdoor Landscape Contractor 
To create a truly special outdoor entertaining space you will likely benefit from using a professional landscape specialist or exterior designer to help build and maintain your space.

Seek out an exterior designer who can help to implement your vision and find the right contractors to a patio/deck, install lighting, and plant durable and interesting foliage.

Your backyard can be a great place to entertain. Turn it into a top notch entertaining space by surveying the space and linking the area with your interests, by understanding the parties and events you will have and building a space to accommodate, and hiring an outside party to manage implementing your dream outdoor space.

Evan Shaner