How You Can Use Challenge Coins In Your Business

It used to be that the only time you saw a challenge coin was when you were around military personnel. A challenge coin was a source of pride and a coveted item presented to you after a high point in your military career. It was most often an honor, token of appreciation, or recognition of service. Over time the uses of challenge coins have grown. They have not stayed confined to the participation of military service. Many organizations and businesses are now using challenge coins to help honor valued employees, recognize group accomplishments, and build teamwork and company loyalty.

Why Do Challenge Coins Work?
Appreciation motivates productivity. The employee that wins the award is probably very motivated. The co-workers see the appreciation bestowed upon one of their peers and understand that their hard work will not go unnoticed. They see that the company they are working for appreciates and recognizes the efforts of their employees. When a challenge coin gets presented to each member of a group, it sends a similar message, but it does something else. If a member of the group throws their coin out on the table during lunch, they are challenging each member of the group to prove that they have their coin. If everyone has their coin, the challenger then has to pay for everyone’s lunch. If someone does not have their coin, they have to buy the challenger’s lunch. Challenges provide laughter, fun, and a sense of belonging in your workplace. You can learn more about challenge coins in this Wikipedia article entitled Challenge Coin

Custom Challenge Coins
Working with a manufacturer, you can design a challenge coin that is specific to your business’s commitments, standards, or motto. You can include a brand symbol, a picture of your business, or anything else you can imagine. There are also many designs that you can choose from already on the market. The materials used to make challenge coins include gold, silver, bronze, copper, or nickel. The material you choose will determine your costs, and your challenge coins can be high-end or cost-efficient. The Huffington Post has an interesting post about military challenge coins and how they are used in the military and sometimes given by US Presidents. Read Challenge Coins- Each One Has A Different Story Behind It

Things Will Change
Challenge coins have proven to be a valuable tool in the workplace. As time goes by, an innovative and creative mind will think of other ways to use them. Their history has given them a place of distinction, and using them can give your business a reputation of support for your employees.

Evan Shaner