Local Governments: How to Mainstream Public Communication

When you check different government sites, you may find it awkward to interact with an employee via instant chat. Many times, government agencies either don’t have instant chat or these agencies may have instant chat where the agent only has limited knowledge to assist you. Also, when it comes to social media, these government agencies usually provide basic information that you can find on their sites if they have social media accounts.

Many government employees also have complained that the delivery of government communication to citizens is complicated. An online engagement manager of the government, for instance, stated that some improvement is needed regarding government to citizen communications, and governments are far behind when it comes to interacting with people through websites.

Due to these issues, some solutions are in the making, and the following includes the status of the developments so far:

1. Implementing mobile usage– governments are starting to communicate to the citizens through mobile phones. So, you will be able to find out relevant information, such as when the next train arrival or an appointment reminder with a government agency via text.

2. The use of a gestural interface- professionals are working on using gestures to display on your computer screen to give viable information to you. This may be updates about the government agency’s regulations or relevant information/a reminder from the IRS, for instance. Also, the gestures could be waving hand gloves being displayed on your computer screen, it could be a wand displayed on your computer screen, etc.

3. More training and availability of agents via instant chat- as mentioned before, instant chat, if available, is limited, and many times, citizens are not satisfied because they couldn’t get their problem resolved. Thus, more agent training and availability are required to appropriately assist clients.

4. Having much more capability to complete and submit forms online-
with this capability, you don’t have to go through the frustration of standing in long lines at government agencies to renew your driver’s license, get another social security card, and more. You also can reduce the paper wastage and timing that comes with printing the forms and faxing/mailing them.

5. Some technology that experts are working on-
some reports have been made concerning different technology, including 4-D printing and self-assembly, gene editing, and 5G Telecommunications. With 4-D printing and self-assembly, specialized materials are required to give self-evolving structures transforming into a pre-determined shape. With gene editing, expects are reported to consider the snipping of the human genome. And lastly, the 5G wireless communications will be even faster than the 4G wireless communications that came out less than 10 years ago.

Government agencies are working on resolving issues with the government to citizens’ interactions. Not much is known about the advanced technology of the gene editing, 4-D printing and self-assembly, and 5G wireless communication; however, having easier accessibility and assistance online will go a long way to resolve these problems.

Evan Shaner