The Best Steakhouses in the U.S

By definition, a steakhouse, or chophouse, is a restaurant that specializes in beef steaks and other individual portions of meats, known as chops. Most steakhouses also offer other cuts of meat such as roast beef and veal. Of course, devotees of this fine culinary delight are well aware of how wonderful a dinner at the steakhouse always turns out to be.

There are a great number of terrific steakhouses in the U.S., with food critics more than happy to take on the assignment of evaluating and rating these eateries. Meat quality is of course the main criteria in their restaurant assessment. But appetizers, side dishes, desserts, and the quality of service are also taken into consideration.

Larry Olmstead, a Forbes contributor, in cooperation with The Daily Meal,  go by a number of strict guidelines in making their reviews. These include:

  • Is the meat reputably sourced, and is it Prime or USDA Choice?
  • Is it dry-aged?
  • Without fail, is it served at proper doneness?

The entire restaurant experience is also taken into consideration. The atmosphere, and level of comfort diners have while visiting are also important variables in overall steakhouse ratings.

Best steakhouse lists can vary widely from site to site if evaluating them online, but a few stand above the rest for meeting and exceeding the total dining experience. These include:

Wolfgang Puck’s CUT in Beverly Hills

The menu selection here is varied in steak options. It includes Australian versions of beef that have Japanese descent, farm-specific domestic cuts, as well as supreme American beef, aged various lengths of time. Side dishes and starters have received top marks, as well as the exemplary service.

Red The Steakhouse

Featuring locations in Boca Raton, South Beach in Miami, and Cleveland, it is one of very few establishments actually importing authentic Japanese beef. Only able to be imported into the U.S. recently, their prices are half of their competitors. Also on the menu is ultra-high quality domestic beef, aged to perfection. Critics have deemed their salads to starters, sides to dessert, and service as “flawless”.


In Portland, their delectable beef is priced by the ounce, with this husband and wife team featuring Argentinian meat, grass-fed short ribs and ribeyes, among other selections. Meat preparation is a show in itself, as cooks sear the meat of the diners choice over super hot flames on grates, being lowered and then raised on crank wheels. It’s extraordinary cuisine and an entertaining show that makes makes for a complete dining experience.


This location in New York City features perfectly charred steaks and chops, and is a city institution as well, having been around since 1885. Gigantic cuts of filet mignon, dry-aged sirloin, porterhouse for 2 or 3, and prime rib are favorites here, the complex spanning over 2 floors and 3 townhouses.

Evan Shaner