What Are the Long Term Ramifications After a DUI?

If you are under the impression that getting a DUI, even the first time, will only result in a fine and a few days in jail, you may not have thought it through. In fact, any DUI is going to have a material impact on your life far beyond what you might imagine.

Paying a fine and a serving short sentence are the first consequences of a DUI in most states. Beyond these two things, you can expect to suffer other significant ramifications. The following is a further explanation of what might be in store.

Loss of Driver’s Licence

Most adult’s lives in America are tied to having a car and being able to drive. If you get a DUI, you would most likely lose your license for up to two years, depending on your state of residence. If you need a car to do your job, not having a license might result in you also losing your job.

Auto Insurance Rates Going Up

Things with your car can get even worse. Once you finally get your license back, you can expect your auto insurance carrier to hit you with big rate increase. After multiple DUIs, you’ll likely find it impossible to get coverage at all.

Background Security Issues

Once you get a DUI, it’s going to be on your public record. That could have a profound effect on your ability to get a job or rent an apartment if the relevant parties decide to do a background check on you. Long gone are the days when people would brush off the notion you got caught drinking and driving.

Employment Issues

While a DUI could affect your ability to get a new job, it could also cost you your existing employment. After missing work for trial, jail and adhering to court requirements, it could cause strife between you and your employer. In the end, they might let you go.

Education Issues

When you apply for college admission and scholarships/grants, you are often going up against some very strict standards. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that school would deny you educational services because of a DUI conviction.

Harm to Personal Relationships

After enduring the circus surrounding having to deal with a DUI, you’ll likely feel a lot of stress. Stress has a habit of permeating personal relationships. It’s quite possible a DUI conviction will affect how family and friends interact with you in the future.

It’s does no good for you to think about the ramifications of a DUI after the fact. The above information is something you should use as a reminder of why you don’t ever want to drink and drive.

Evan Shaner