Why Using A Storage Box Is Better Than Hiring A Moving Company

A storage box is a portable storage container. It can fit many belongings, and after you pack it, the company will transport it where you wish.  For many people, a storage box is the perfect solution for when they are moving because it is versatile and practical.

How To Store Items In A Storage Box 
It is a good idea to first put down old blankets on the bottom of the storage box. Items that are going into the unit should be in boxes if they are small enough. Fragile items should be packed with bubble wrap to prevent breakage. All boxes should be labeled with a magic marker so that a person can remember what they put inside each box. Larger items that can be stored in the box should have a blanket or other protective piece around them so that they do not become damaged from the move.

How Much Does A Storage Box Cost? 
The cost for the storage box will depend on the size and also on how long you will need it. Be sure to compare different storage box companies. It varies from company to company the quality of the containers, the size of the containers, pricing, and not all containers are temperature controlled or protected from the rain.

Why Not A Moving Company? 

Using a moving company to move your stuff can be expensive. Most companies charge by the hour and oftentimes they aren’t in a hurry. Another downside to using a moving company is the chance of something breaking. Oftentimes they aren’t aware of what you have in boxes so they may not handle them with too much care, so that leads to items being broken. Or, they just don’t organize the truck in a good way and there is a lot of shifting of items. With a storage box, you are in control of your items and how they are placed into the storage container.
Using a moving company is expensive. This can make a huge difference when it is time to move the items into the new home or apartment. Organizing the belongings oneself will allow the person to find everything much easier.

A move can be a stressful time. There is so much to do in a certain time period. Ask some friends and family for help loading up your storage box. Once you are in your new place, you can invite everyone to a house warming party to show how much their help was appreciated.

Evan Shaner